Made for the Oujevipo Contest #2

art by DB code by DN and music by DK.


choose a letter, and play with it!

If you hold your key, you can choose where you send the ball.

Don't have the ball when the countdown ends.

You can play up to 26 players!

(or until the keyboard rollover lets you do, see

More players you have, more balls you have, more fun you have!

The idea of this game is that you let it run, even without player, and everybody can join to it even if the game has already started. So let it running forever.


Download 65 MB


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Merci :)

Je travail actuellement sur du concept de jeu 1 or 2 buttons avec justement du multi player variable et votre jeu m'ouvre tellement de nouvelles pistes auxquels je n'avaient pas pensé.

Très bon concept et belle réalisation également. :)