Read logbook of travellers and draw maps for customer!

Paper traveller is a drawing puzzle game made in 48h for the ludm dare 38.

send me your best maps !


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Tagsdraw, Exploration, Ludum Dare 38
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A really clever and unique game! Great work. I feel like if we were shown how a map was supposed to look  (like in the tutorial) after each failure, this would not only be fun to compare, it would also help players understand the rules of the game better. But still, I haven't seen anything like this before and that by itself is really impressive!

Thank you!

Yes, there are improvements to be made, but it's a game jam, so it's presented as is. But I also like the concept very much, I will surely use it again somewhere!


so stupid, im doing what he says and each time they hate it!!


Being a cartographer is a difficult job, you know...

Here is a walkthrough, if you want to know the solution...


No need to be harsh or rude.


Very nice !

Good choice of colors, fun and interesting idea